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Ynyshir - A village of artists

I know that many people have had a negative experience of art in school - and tell me that they can't draw - or can't draw something that is an exact copy. I have always seen drawing as about expression, creativity and connecting.

So it's wonderful to create a workshop for school children that not only inspired them & their creativity - but that also received an award from the lovely folks at BIG DRAW.

My hope is that Ynyshir will one day be a village of artists...and be all the better for it!

Now it's the adults turn - I'm starting Delight in the Doodle from 31 July - as a regular Wednesdays slot 7-9pm (£10) - why shouldn't the adults have some creative fun!

[If you are interested in booking a workshop for children or adults - please use the contact form]


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