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PITCHFORK - Resist & Revolt!

I created the poster for the new exhibition at the Workers Gallery inspired by artist Chris Williams and the pitchfork he made in the gweithdy (workshop) next to the gallery. I wanted to create an image that was evocative of past protests and the pitchfork embodies the campaigners of the past - many of whom were farmers or workers of the land fighting to use common land to support their families. To make the image more timeless I omitted the clothing so that the figure is fused with the pitchfork and then the word PITCHFORK to bond them all together like a placard. I used earth colours to reference soil and land and gave the figure boots that suggest workwear and 'the worker'.

I decided to experiment with different words and created 2 prints - REVOLT and RESIST as these seem to be words that typify protest and activism and they are also a 'call for action'.

My work in this show includes these prints but a piece called 'I Am Pro-Choice' and another called 'Soapbox Social' - both of which are 3D artworks.

PITCHFORK opens Good Friday and runs Fridays and Saturdays 10.30am - 4.30pm until 8th July at the Workers Gallery. Please pop in if you can!



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