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I'm Taking a bit of Cymru to Scotland!

I'm excited to be presenting my Cymru-focussed research at the International Football History Conference at Hampden Park, Glasgow in June/July 2023.

In 2022 I challenged myself to make a daily cartoon drawing inspired by the Cymru World Cup Campaign. I worked quickly using a free mobile app drawing using my finger on my phone screen, posting the images immediately on Twitter. I optimistically stated that I was going to keep drawing until the men's first team won the Cup. I captured the related news, footy gossip, the World Cup campaigns by the men’s and women’s teams, politics and fan stories. I stopped in December after making 80 drawings (you may have heard that Cymru didn't win).

My ‘in the moment’ activity engaged a ’real-time’ online audience but retrospectively how can this transient project be stored and viewed? How has its context shifted through time? Do the drawings have historical worth? These are the questions I'll be addressing in my presentation as I share several of the drawings and cartoons. It's an honour to be part of this fabulous international conference. I am thinking about creating a small DIY zine of a selection of the images - if you think you'd like one - drop me a line


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