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I hit 80!

My self-imposed daily drawing challenge on the theme of 'Cymru and the World Cup' was a real creative adventure!

It is challenging to find time to draw every single day and to create something that will resonant with the twitter audience I was sharing the images with.

The drawings were created using a free drawing app on my mobile phone- using my finger to draw. I gave myself only 30 minutes a day to research and draw - sometimes it took a little longer and sometimes the drawing happened quickly.

There were highlights and low lights...the obvious being Cymru's early exit, the Infantino infamous speech and the one love armband debacle. The highs were connecting the past - Jimmy Murphy's boys of 1968 and Rob Page's team, linking up with Darren and his International Wales fanzine resulting in a 4 page comic being published in the latest issue and developing plans for working with Darren and young budding journalists and artists in 2023 after a successful number of youth club-based comic making workshops. Thanks to RCT Council and the Youth Teams for their support. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared the drawings and especially to those who were an inspiration! Merry Christmas! Thanks for your interest in my work - I hope you'll be on board for the next Cymru creative adventure!


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