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She Brought Him Flowers

After nearly 7 years of study - my PhD research went out in to the world as a thesis entitled 'The commemorative activity at the grave of Munich Air Disaster victim, Duncan Edwards: A social and cultural analysis of the commemorative networks of a local sporting hero'.

Based on my ancestor Duncan Edwards my research included interviews with family members who talked about their memories of him and their thoughts on his death and commemoration.

Not many folks will read my thesis. It's well over 100 000 words. There are few pictures to break up the text...but I'm now working on a graphic novel of aspects of this academic research and there will be pictures !

As part of my journey into this new world of words and images I'm offering those interested in the work an opportunity to support me and get a special insight into the process via I've just introduced a special patron tier that will include a special monthly 'thank you reward' of an original drawing from 'my journey'.

I've also planned a mini exhibition of work in progress at the Workers Gallery starting next Saturday. These activities will help me to focus and are acts of self-imposed self-discipline designed to push me to make more time for this special project.

The world of comics, zines and graphic novels is a wonderful place and I've already been inspired by so many artists and writers in this genre. The Workers Gallery has a wonderful selection of graphic novels in it's community library of donated books & shop


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