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Daily Drawing Challenge

My daily drawing challenge is inspired by the stories, activities and images related to Cymru and the World Cup. It's just for fun.

I'm keeping it simple and give myself just 30 mins to create a drawing. I use my finger to draw on my phone screen and use a free drawing app I want to inspire others to engage with drawing and Wales!

Inspiration has come from many sources including Michael Sheen, the women's team, former internationals and of course the awesome fans!

I was very chuffed to see FAW Chief Executive Noel Mooney using my 'Welsh Sugar' drawing as his profile picture - as I said it's just for fun!

I'm now entering the fourth week of my self-imposed challenge - and have vowed to stop when Cymru win the World Cup! I'm unsure when that will be but remain optimistic!

I'm working on a longer comic strip about Wales and the World Cup in 1958. If you have any memories that you would like to share about 1958 and you would be happy to help me create a new comic strip - please get in touch here

The strip will be in a publication...I can tell you more nearer the time!

You can follow me daily on twitter - please say hello! if you see me.


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