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Electric Wheelies

Person standing behind a bicycle holding the seat and handlebars. They are on a grey platform at a railway station. The person has shoulder length brown hair, a black and brown facemask on and blue glasses. They are wearing a red and blue zipped rain coat and grey tight fitting trousers. The bike is bright orange and has a frame that extends to a rack at the back.
I'm an ebike fuelled business at last! At the station ready to take the e cargo bke back to the valleys

I've had a bike for many years and since 1988 I have ridden mountain bikes for pleasure and to get to places. This e cargo bike is going to be a game changer for me and my business. I'll be able to go further and stay in the saddle longer because the electric motor assists every revolution of the pedals that I make. The motor cuts out at 15 miles an hour, but those dizzy heights of the mountains and hills of the welsh valleys mean downhill I can travel up to 20 miles an hour. Rides are exhilarating - but the wind and cold wind are also amplified by speed and the roads are a dangerous place for cyclists.

I chose this Tern GSD S10 as an investment in my business and a more environmentally friendly way to make deliveries, travel to workshops and outdoor drawing activities, do courier drop offs and even take art on tour.

It's not a fixed frame size and has adjustable seat and handle bars - so I can ride it (I'm 5ft 3in) and my husband at 6ft 2ins can ride it as well. It is the same length as a standard bike but it is heavier.

I brought it from the bike shop in Cardiff (Damian Harris Cycles) to the Rhondda Valleys by train. There were 7 other bicycles and a scooter on that train journeys I made.

Now I am here in the Rhondda I'm on the next stage of my art adventures! Negotiating barriers on cycle paths, staying safe on the roads and sourcing panniers and accessories for carrying parcels, supplies and passengers! Learning how far I can go on one battery charge and how much I can carry to make deliveries efficient. Hopefully inspiring other folks to join the ebike revolution.

I'll be posting regular updates on my progress & if you have any questions - please use the contact form on my website.


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