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New Zines of Love and Loss at 65

To commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster I've created two new mini zines.

These DIY mini zines are printed and cut by me from an A4 sheet of paper. Their DIY nature is in the spirit of the early handmade and photocopied fanzines. Their small stature seems an appropriate format to tell individual stories and make statements intimately.

The two mini zines are:

LOOKING BACK NOW... is inspired by a former school friend of Duncan Edwards remembering a part of their shared childhood. It's a sweet recollection with reproduced hand-drawn images.


reflects on the Munich Air Disaster juxtaposing images inspired by footage of the aftermath of the crash with a chant mocking the dead and injured sung by some rival fans sometimes. It reminds us of the human element of the crash but also the cruelty of others. Images are reproduced pencil drawings and the zine is in black and white.

These zines are part of my work-in-progress as I work to create a graphic novel based on my PhD research into the commemoration of the Munich Air Disaster & particularly my ancestor and England and Manchester United footballer Duncan Edwards.

These mini open edition zines explore universal themes of love and loss from those impacted by the crash.

You can follow me on twitter where I'm sharing a drawing a day on 'Memories of Munich' and you can purchase the zines and support my work here

At this time each year things can be especially difficult for those affected by the crash and their loved ones. I hope my work is considered to be a sensitive tribute to the survivors and the bereaved.

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