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It's Ready

I have created a 'professionally-printed' zine to give Roy Cavanagh's memory of hearing the news of the Munich AIr Disaster as a 10 year old Salford boy the platform it deserves. Roy's Memory is the culmination of many months of work, learning and growing respect for all those wonderful comic artists, zine makers and graphic novelists.

It was so exciting collecting it from our lovely neighbours' house (who took it in for us when we couldn't be there for the delivery). Opening the box was terrifying but I dove in & hey - they look good!

Having it come to life is just the start - I'm now letting it out into the world - my next big learning curve. 20 pages of words and drawings in a little A5 package await the curious and those interested in the Busby Babes and sports history and Manchester United of course.

I've had just a handful of copies printed & some are available here: Special thanks to the British Sports History Society for their support of this project that is focused on attracting new audiences for academic research and sports history. Other special thanks - please see the zine!

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