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I'm at an exciting and terrifying stage of 'Roy's Memory'. I've made a final decision on what drawings I need to make to finish this zine based on Roy Cavanagh's memory of the day he heard of the Munich Air Crash as a 10 year old in Salford.

I've had to imagine what Roy would have looked like & create a child-like character that looks like a young adult (as young boys did in the 1950s). I've gone for a school uniform based on those I researched from the area and era and matched it with a popular haircut of the time.

Originally my drawing studies for this series were large 1.5 metre charcoal drawings on brown packing paper. They were exhibited in my work-in-progress show early this year as part of the Art and Sporting Heritage Month. Now I'm scaling them down to A3 and re-drawing some and adding 2 more compositions using an ink dip pen with Indian ink (which I did spill today! I guess it won't be the last time). The fineness of the line should allow me to add more details.

I've drawn the pencil outlines on a specialist graphic paper then photocopied them and used those photocopies to practice inking techniques to build my confidence using a dip pen. Using photocopies means I can experiment with textures and mark making. The copies need to be made on thicker paper than normal - about 100 gm weight - the thinner copier paper just soaks up the ink like a sponge.

Hopefully by next week the drawings will be ready to scan and I can get the text added to them in Affinity Designer (a digital design package I'm also getting to grips with). Exciting and terrifying!

With special thanks to the British Society of Sports History who supported my research through an Early Career Research Grant. I post about this project and the other projects I create and manage at Workers Gallery on patreon


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