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Caught in the Net


Over the next few months I'll be posting blogs about my new cargo bike. They will be honest videos about my experiences using my Tern GSD S10 here in the welsh valleys for deliveries and travelling across the land and street-scapes to draw. I'm also reviewing accessories and trails and giving insights into how I'm finding the bike as a car replacement.

BIKE IT Cargo Net

I purchased this cargo net for about £7. Essentially is a net of coloured corded elastic with 6 black metal hooks. It may seem a bit mean to review it as a cycle accessory - as it's meant for motorbikes - but let's get mean! It is packaged in a plastic blister pack with card insert.


Great for fixing a helmet to the bike.

Good colour match (other colours are available)

Relatively cheap to buy.

Lots of capacity - be great for bulky items - like footballs! cauliflowers or bloomer loaves (should you use your bike for shopping!)

Easily stored in panniers or larger pockets of jackets.

Hooks can be moved around to different points, or you can remove some and just use 4 - so super flexible.

Can be left on the bike- just in case- when not being used (but if you are parking up you may want to take it with you as it is not locked to the bike).

Bit like having 2-3 bungee cords.


Hooks can be moved around - so you could lose or easily dislodge them when they are not under tension. They are hooked like an open paper clip.

Hooks have rubber ends - but they could still scratch or rub the paint work on your bike.

The cording is fraying already - but this could be remedied with a dab of glue ( or some folks might burn/melt the end to seal it).

Hooks are small and a bit fiddly so not good if you are using them around small children or pets and if you find small parts difficult to handle or see they might be exasperating to use.

OVERALL: Useful, lightweight, compact accessory at a good price but users need to take care not to lose those hooks! More expensive cargo nets maybe worth investing in if you wanted a better hook system?

Any questions? Use the contact form on my website to get in touch or comment below.

Power to your pedals!


My next review/post will be of my £25 video camera which I have been using for about 3 days now (mounted on my handlebars). The camera has already proved invaluable as I was able to report a car that was driving dangerously on


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