Acceptance & Rejection

October 10, 2018

I submit art work for exhibitions and shows and papers for conferences.

I am rejected as much as I am accepted.


It's not nice being rejected. I try not to let it get me down if I don't get into a show that I've paid money to submit a piece to, but I seldom apply to the same place again. I move on. The money for submission is an issue for me...but that's for another post.


If I get accepted,  try not to gloat and feel too elated. Sometimes I go and see my work in the show and it's been hung badly or the show isn't what I expected and I get disappointed- almost as disappointed then, as I would be if I'd been rejected. (I know- there is no pleasing some people).


But I keep submitting work and I keep getting accepted and rejected and I follow the paths that  the yeses & nos take me.  It's an adventure!


This month has been an acceptance month and I have a cartoon in the Wrexham Open & I had a paper accepted for the Football Collective conference in Glasgow.  

So I'm enjoying the highs...for now...



Quiet Defiance by Gayle Rogers (Wrexham Open 2018)

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