Cabin in the Woods

May 17, 2018

I have been drawing on these particular mountains, within this particular landscape intensively for over 4 years now. From the time before the installation of the wind turbines, throughout the time that they arrived and emerged and now among the family of giants. But this month marks the start of my official residency here as an artist.


It's a big step and huge undertaking for an individual artist to commit to such a large project.


There is no prescribed agenda - accept to collect data and to indulge in a period of research and development to help me explore my practice. I have 3 other artists who will be working alongside me and the support of an expert team of engineers, geologists and officers from Vattenfall UK. This will make it a challenging and exciting project but also a safe one. The weather is always changing and the fog and rain can be so disorientating and the snow makes for its own unique experience. But hopefully there will be sun and time to seek out new areas to explore in order to gain a greater understanding of the anatomy of this wonderfully unique landscape.


I can't say what the outcome will be - so please keep an eye out for updates on my adventures from my 'Cabin in the Woods'. 




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