Emergency Art

April 18, 2016

I'm not a member of the emergency services, so I don't think I need to be accessible 24 hours a day, but by being on social media - I feel that I kind of am. Social media blurs the lines between social and business when you use it for your business. This means businesses appear within our social lives and vice versa. 


As an administrator for two Facebook business pages www.facebook.com/gaylerogersart and www.facebook.com/workersgallery there is some pressure to respond to FB messages promptly (less than five minutes is apparently the FB business aspirational response time). If I don't respond quickly to messages I get a 'slow' response rate as a 'badge of shame' on my page. By default I feel that I need to be 'available' 24/7 that's challenging and unsustainable for a small business.


The FB messaging system is so quick and easy to use it's a fabulous tool for business but it's a fundamentally a SOCIAL chat tool and when someone uses their personal profile to message a business page, the social and business worlds blur.   


If I get a message at 11pm about my art, it's not an emergency, I don't need to answer until I am 'back at work', but I feel compelled and a little pressured to do so. I realise after a very long and hard week of research and work I don't and cannot sustain that level of customer service- and actually I don't need to. 


If delaying my response to work hours means I get a potentially damning 'slow' response rating then so be it. I'm redefining 'slow' as 'normal human' response rate. Sometimes systems and technologies control us without us really noticing, because we enjoy so many of the benefits they offer. So watch my response times plummet and be happy for me!




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