Toe in the door

April 15, 2016


I have to admit that even though I am an artist and I now manage a gallery, I still feel a little intimated going into galleries. Looking in through the window of an unfamiliar gallery I have been known to simply 'window gaze' and not go in. I'm worried that I'll look out of place, that all the work will be hugely expensive and therefore I'll be wasting everyone's time going in and looking.


That's what you call fear - fear of looking stupid, poor or uneducated and frankly who would want to go through that just to look at some pretty pictures eh? I know that I am not the only one who feels like this and now I run a gallery and I'm on the other side of that glass, I completely sympathise with the gazers. 


If I experience a window gazer when I am in the Workers Gallery, if it seems appropriate I'll open the door and chat to the person and invite them in. I'll be honest it never works, but interestingly some of those people come back later. It takes time for us to break down the fear barrier - silly really as you'll find the vast majority of independent galleries are so pleased to welcome visitors- because they love the work & love talking about it and sharing it with others.


The Workers Gallery like most galleries is free to enter BUT if you come in and enjoy the experience and you like what you see - just the purchase of an art card for as little as £1.50 makes all the difference to us. Each card sale directly helps a local artist as all our cards are by individual artists, and card shops are not scary to go into are they? So next time your gazing into that gallery - put your toe in the door and I'll agree to do the same when I'm next window gazing. Deal?

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