Letting the Sun In

April 13, 2016


It's not always this sunny and clear when I work outside - actually at this time of year you can get all seasons in one day as the weather moves around so quickly. Trying to capture that movement and change is the key to my work outside in Spring. 

The skies move and change so rapidly over the mountains and through the breaks in the woodlands, that the wind seems to be emptying its pockets randomly of loose change. I can look down to lay the right sky colour on the page and look up seconds later to find all the blue has disappeared.


This means knowing I have to work fast and understanding that not every sketch is going to work out. I would say every trip out I'll have 1-2 sketches that are resolved in a batch of 20 or so. But these sketches are to predominantly to inform my studio work. I work by sifting through the pages of my sketchbooks from several visits to several sites to produce 1 composite piece of work.


I'll be looking to work on at least one larger work for the WINDSWEPT show in May (see previous blog post for details) so watch this space for progress...  

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