Since I began to manage the WORKERS as an artist-led studio & gallery I have become acutely aware of the role of politics in my daily life. Historically the area where I live & work has seen several political conflicts including the miners’ strikes and the Tonypandy Riots. The area is known for its socialist and communist leanings. Often defined by the media as an area of acute post-industrial economic and social decline, the area has a strong legacy of positive social activism and resilience in response to the harsh realities of being classed as deprived. 


I see the act of living and working here – particularly through the creation of an art gallery- as a distinct, unique political act. Although I am best known for the colourful landscape drawings I create to commission, I have more recently turned to political cartooning to express what it feels like to be an artist (and distinctly a female artist) in this fiercely political region. 


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